Fire Safety Alarms

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In every Building an early warning of a potential fire is very important. Smoke alarms are the best way to provide an early warning for a potential fire. When properly installed and maintained, smoke alarms can help prevent injuries and minimise property damage.


What Smoke Alarm Should I purchase ?

There are many places in a building where a smoke or heat alarm can be used to help prevent a fire.

Kitchen and Garage: Heat Alarms.
Landings: heat and Ionisation smoke alarms or optical smoke alarms.
Bedrooms, living rooms and hallway: Optical smoke alarms or combined optical smoke and heat alarms.

Where do I match my smoke alarms?

Smoke alarms are typically screwed onto the ceilings, though specialist sticky pads are often used, and will be fitted as near the centre of the room as possible, however a minimum of thirty centimetres (12 inches) faraway from any wall or light fitting. You ought to always certify that your alarm is fitted in a place where it can be detected throughout your property especially from wherever you work or sleep in the building. 

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